Network of Combinatorial Resources

Network of Resources for Hadamard Matrices and Generalizations

Resource Network for Orthogonal matrices in Combinatorics


  1. Orthogonal Designs Wolf Holzmann, Hadi Kharaghani

  2. The L-functions and modular forms database (LMFDB)

  3. Complex Hadamard Matrices catalog pages maintained by Bruzda, Tadej, Zyczkowski et al

  4. Butson Home, maintained by Lampio, Szollosi, Ostergard

  5. Dan Gordon’s databases, giving Covering Designs, Difference Sets, Circulant Weighing Matrices,Steiner Systems

  6. N. J. A. Sloane’s Library of Hadamard matrices, giving all equivalence classes up to order 28

  7. Jeff Dinitz’ maintained page of New results (post- second edition of the CRC Handbook) for Section 5, which includes Hadamard matrices and Orthogonal Designs

  8. Encyclopedia of Design Theory, by Peter Cameron

  9. Atlas of Weighing Matrices (AWM)

  10. Frank Ruskey’s Combinatorial Object Server

  11. Code Tables archive by Marcus Grassl

    Code Tables archive by Marcus Grassl

  12. MinT, the online database for optimal parameters of (t, m, s)-nets, (t, s)-sequences, orthogonal arrays, linear codes, and OOAs

  13.  Jennifer Seberry's site at Nickolay Balonin's Leonard Euler Net

  14. web archive of Jennifer Seberry's papers

  15. Jennifer Seberry’s Home Page, with links to archived Hadamard matrices,Williamson Matrices, Good Matrices, Inequivalence Results, Weighing Matrices and Sequences, SBIBD, D-optimal designs, Almost Good Matrices (and other stuff)

  16. Christos Koukouvinos’ Design Theory directory, miscellaneous objects connected to this field

  17. OpenDreamKit: a European program that ended in 2019

  18. MaRDI: Mathematical Research Data Initiative: a German data infrastructure program

  19. MathDataHub

  20. International Mathematical Knowledge Trust

	First Created: October 2021
	Last Updated: October 2021