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List of accepted papers

  1. Barry Dayton. Numerical Calculation of S-bases for Positive dimensional varieties
  2. Chenyi Hu. Interval Function and Its Linear Least-Squares Approximation
  3. Johannes Grotendorst. On Calculating the Rate of Linear Convergence of Non-Linear Transformed Sequences
  4. Tateaki Sasaki and Daiju Inaba. A Study of Hensel Series in General Case
  5. Madalina Hodorog and Josef Schicho. A Regularization Method for Computing Approximate Invariants of Plane Curves Singularities
  6. Tsz-Wo Sze. Schönhage-Strassen Algorithm with MapReduce for Multiplying Terabit Integers
  7. Kosaku Nagasaka. An improvement in the lattice construction process of Approximate Polynomial GCD over Integers
  8. Françoise Richard-Jung. Stokes phenomenon : graphical visualization and certified computation
  9. Paola Boito and Olivier Ruatta. Extended companion matrix for approximate GCD
  10. Nargol Rezvani and Robert M. Corless. Using weighted norms to find nearest polynomials satisfying linear constraints
  11. Pavel Emeliyanenko, Alexander Kobel, Eric Berberich and Michael Sagraloff. Arrangement Computation for Planar Algebraic Curves
  12. Bingyu Li and Xiaoli Wu. A subresultant based subspace method for the computation of polynomial GCDs (extended abstract)
  13. Nan Li. An Improved Method for Evaluating Max Noether Conditions: Case of Breadth One
  14. Min Wu and Zhengfeng Yang. Generating Invariants of Hybrid Systems via Sums-Of-Squares of Polynomials with Rational Coefficients
  15. Victor Y. Pan. Acceleration of Newton's Polynomial Factorization: Army of Constraints, Convolution, Sylvester Matrices, and Partial Fraction Decomposition
  16. Andre Galligo. Roots of the Derivatives of some Random Polynomials
  17. Erich Kaltofen, Wen-Shin Lee and Zhengfeng Yang. Fast estimates of Hankel matrix condition numbers and numeric sparse interpolation
  18. Ioannis Emiris, Tatjana Kalinka and Christos Konaxis. Implicitization of curves and surfaces using predicted support
  19. Piers Lawrence and Robert Corless. Numerical Stability of Barycentric Hermite root-finding
  20. Thien Nguyen, Bernard Mourrain and Andre Galligo. A Construction of Injective Parameterizations of Domains for Isogeometric Applications
  21. Eugene Zima. Synthetic division in the context of indefinite summation
  22. Robert M. Corless, Erik Postma and David R. Stoutemyer. GCD of multivariate approximate polynomials using beautification with the subtractive algorithm
  23. Chee Yap, Irina Voiculescu and Narayan Kamath. Empirical Study of an Evaluation-Based Subdivision Algorithm for Complex Root Isolation
  24. Hong Diep Nguyen and Nathalie Revol. Refining and Verifying the Solution of a Linear System
  25. Hidenao Iwane, Hitoshi Yanami and Hirokazu Anai. An Effective Implementation of Symbolic-Numeric Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition for Optimization Problems
  26. Masaru Sanuki. Challenge to Fast Approximate Polynomial GCD Computation Stably, Based on Displacement Structures
  27. A. Bass Bagayogo (poster). A New Symbolic Programming Approach for a Hybrid Mesh Generation
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